When the Sea Saved Humanity

Twenty-five years after apartheid, black people cannot live and work in this small South African city. Thu 24 Oct O ctober in Orania can be charming. When the sun sets, long ribbons of burnt orange settle on the horizon. Her children fish from the banks of the Orange River whenever they choose. Kleynhans leaves the house unlocked.

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Passarelli; Miguel A. Basei; Oswaldo Siga Jr. Sproesser; Vasco A. It provides reliable and accurate results in age determination of superposed events. However, the open-system behavior such as Pb-loss, the inheritance problem and metamictization processes allow and impel us to a much richer understanding of the power and limitations of U-Pb geochronology and thermochronology.

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‘An indictment of South Africa’: whites-only town Orania is booming

The area is characterized by a mosaic of diverse ecosystems and physiographic environments and a range of land uses and human settlement patterns associated with the renowned Cape Winelands viticultural landscape. It includes an array of historic towns, hamlets and farmsteads, which are home to approximately , people. Email: info capewinelandsbiosphere. The topography of the area is characterized by a diversity of topographic features ranging from the high Cape Fold mountains and deep valleys to rolling hills and open plains.

The mountain complex that forms the core of the biosphere reserve is a result of the meeting of two axes of the Cape Fold Belt Mountain Chain and provides a range of habitats and landscape features. Main vegetation types in the region include Fynbos, succulent Karoo and Renosterveld.

Phoenix chevalieri , S.Ríos & Obón; Phoenix iberica , S.Ríos & Obón. Phoenix dactylifera trunk section. As with other members of the palm family​, date palms don’t produce tree rings. Phoenix dactylifera, commonly known as date or date palm, is a flowering plant species in the In later times, traders spread dates around South West Asia, northern Africa.

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New ages for flowstone, sediments and fossil bones from the Dinaledi Chamber are presented. We combined optically stimulated luminescence dating of sediments with U-Th and palaeomagnetic analyses of flowstones to establish that all sediments containing Homo naledi fossils can be allocated to a single stratigraphic entity sub-unit 3b , interpreted to be deposited between ka and ka. This result has been confirmed independently by dating three H. We consider the maximum age scenario to more closely reflect conditions in the cave, and therefore, the true age of the fossils.

By combining the US-ESR maximum age estimate obtained from the teeth, with the U-Th age for the oldest flowstone overlying Homo naledi fossils, we have constrained the depositional age of Homo naledi to a period between ka and ka.

from Feb to Oct about peak, trough, South Africa, and recession indicators. The OECD identifies months of turning points without designating a date calculated as weighted averages of the corresponding zone member series.

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The datasets supporting this article have been uploaded as part of the electronic supplementary material. A mid-Permian Guadalupian epoch extinction event at approximately Ma has been mooted for two decades. This is based primarily on invertebrate biostratigraphy of Guadalupian—Lopingian marine carbonate platforms in southern China, which are temporally constrained by correlation to the associated Emeishan Large Igneous Province LIP. Despite attempts to identify a similar biodiversity crisis in the terrestrial realm, the low resolution of mid-Permian tetrapod biostratigraphy and a lack of robust geochronological constraints have until now hampered both the correlation and quantification of terrestrial extinctions.

Here we present an extensive compilation of tetrapod-stratigraphic data analysed by the constrained optimization CONOP algorithm that reveals a significant extinction event among tetrapods within the lower Beaufort Group of the Karoo Basin, South Africa, in the latest Capitanian. This strengthens the biochronology of the Permian Beaufort Group and supports the existence of a mid-Permian mass extinction event on land near the end of the Guadalupian.

Our results permit a temporal association between the extinction of dinocephalian therapsids and the LIP volcanism at Emeishan, as well as the marine end-Guadalupian extinctions. Shortly afterwards it was calculated to be one of the most catastrophic extinction events of the Phanerozoic [ 3 ] and since then a considerable body of work has attempted to explore it, focusing on carbonate platforms of southern China and Japan [ 4 — 9 ]. Some recent studies have identified extinction horizons preceding the Guadalupian—Lopingian boundary GLB by several conodont zones [ 7 , 8 ] and therefore conclude that the mid-Permian marine extinctions constitute an intra-Capitanian event.

This older age appears to be corroborated by new data from high latitude boreal sequences from Spitzbergen [ 10 ]. The ages of the marine extinctions therefore remain unclear but mostly appear to occur before the GLB, for which the current age estimate of Unfortunately, the age estimates for this sequence rely on palaeomagnetism and missing data within the stratigraphic profile has led to high uncertainty in their correlation with the marine timescale. Among tetrapods, diverse mid-Permian assemblages characterized by dinocephalian therapsids are known around the world but primarily from Russia and South Africa [ 14 ].

The extinction of dinocephalian therapsids occurred in the uppermost Tapinocephalus Assemblage Zone AZ , which is most widely exposed in the southwest of the basin, where it is situated stratigraphically close to the boundary of the Abrahamskraal and overlying Teekloof formations figure 1.

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Skip to content. Skip to navigation. I teach across the BSc degree programmes, including the first year module Evolution of the Earth System , a second year introduction to palaeoclimates module and my third year module, African Drylands , which considers many of the research themes listed below. I am also the BSc Geography degree course director.

dating documents out of sequence emplacement of layering in the Upper Critical Zone of the Rustenburg Layered Suite, Bushveld Complex, South Africa.

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