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He leans the bulky machine back, quickly scans it from below. From this angle, you can glimpse its wondrous guts: the hundreds of curved, metal pieces connected to one another by tiny bolts, screws, and springs. He has been repairing typewriters in Kansas City for the past 43 years. And he is likely to be one of the last to ever do so professionally here. My first job was to put it back together. From that point, I worked on everything. Though he has bounced around to a few different companies over the course of his career, he has been back at Office Machine Mart for the past 25 years. Kavanaugh belonged to what once was a massive industry.

Typewriter Tins

Underwood typewriters are quintessential antiques among collectors. These machines were made in the millions in the early 20th century. Underwood No.

Where is the serial number? · Years of production and serial numbers for Underwood Typewriters · Years of production and serial numbers for #1.

Several collectors have requested we keep a reference for sold machines for information and pricing information. So, here it is. Build a website with Andy’s Web Tools. These do not show up that often. One would still have to use his pen knife to shave off the wood and then the pointer could add that “perfect” point. When they do show up they are usually missing the insert or its broken which holds and turns the point as one pulls or pushes the round pencil holder against the file.

Since the instructions, date and manufacturer data is on a paper decal on the bottom of the pointer, it is often too worn to fully read. This one is still very clear and easy to read. This pointer is approximately We are estimating the condition rating on this early and wonderful piece of antique office technology at 2,2. Remington Noiseless Model 7 Portable Typewriter This Remington, Noiseless, Model 7, four bank, portable typewriter is in very good working order and we have graded it as a 2,2.

It comes in its original carrying case which still works well but does show wear and has some losses. The typewriter displays patent number 1,, which was issued in It is missing the number “0” key tab but the key does work and strike without the tab so we have estimated the rating for this machine at 3,2.

Vintage Typewriter Values and Best Brands

Ted, thank you very much for posting this! Thank you for all the work this must have taken. I find many of your references very helpful and now there is another one to which I know I will refer.

In , Underwood replaced its standard 4-bank portables with a all new portable. My Typewriter has two Serial Numbers: The first one beneath the key’s as the official construction date of the typewriter: Monday, September 3rd,

Other pages on this site: Collapsing World: a blog Conley Cameras a history in postcards Vintage ocean liner postcards My non-typewriter photography Genealogy , with a focus on the Seaver, Bilyeu, Amidon, and Lowell branches This site is copyrighted. Please don’t use any of the materials here without my permission. Underwood 3 Serial An accounting typewriter with a 26″ platen, designed to fit ledger sheets. Overall, it is 38″ long! Underwood 5 Serial The classic.

This is the machine which started my collection, and the machine I learned to type on. I found it in my grandfather’s basement after he passed away. The Underwood 5 is what most people think of when they think of old manual typewriters. One of the most popular lines ever, with over 4 million sold. The Commodore 64 of the ’20s. Download the manual for this typewriter here.

Underwood Standard Portable Serial I saved this 3-banker from a keychopper.

Collecting Antique and Vintage Typewriters

In , Underwood replaced its standard 4-bank portables with a all new portable. Boasted as a Quiet and Fast portable, it features a new carriage return, a new shift key mechanism and generally subdued key action. It is fast because incorporated in it are exclusive features that for years have made Underwood typewriters the speed typing machines of the world.

The physical appearance of the Underwood portable of resembles closely to that of the later Universal and Champion line.

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Ermanno Marzorati has rarely been so busy. He is currently fixing a Underwood typewriter for Tom Hanks. But there are plenty more ancient writing machines awaiting his tender care. While the modern world taps away in an ever-increasing frenzy online, the Italian senses a new trend, from his calm Beverly Hills studio: The return of the art of slow writing.

Occasionally Hanks tweets photos of the vintage typewriters that Marzorati restored in his own collection. In all, the talkative Italian has some 60 machines waiting to be fixed — an enormous numbers compared to a few years ago. But the obvious question is, why would someone in the 21st century want to type on a heavy and difficult-to-use mechanical device, without the possibility of cutting, pasting, erasing or copying?

Marzorati said the advantages of computers are over-rated.


We will ship it separately in 10 to 15 days. The images presented are representative of the piece s you will receive. When representative images are presented for one of our offerings, you will receive a certificate in similar condition as the one pictured; however dating, denomination, certificate number and issuance details may vary. From , the Underwood family made typewriter ribbon and carbon paper, and were among a number of firms who produced these goods for Remington.

When Remington decided to start producing ribbons themselves, the Underwoods opted to manufacture typewriters. Underwood supported Wagner and bought the company, recognising the importance of the machine.

In, John T Underwood Typewriter Auctions find out among collectors. serial numbers typewriters date To find that pop up on your typewriter byserial number​.

I was a newspaper journalist for 46 years and I used typewriters as a tool of trade for the first 23 of those years. We all took them for granted back then; didn’t take the time to appreciate the brilliant engineering and mechanical design, or what beautiful machines they are. In , when I saw an old Imperial portable in a bric-a-brac shop down in Moruya. Little did I realise then what I was getting myself into. A Canberra Times colleague, Andrew Fraser, had a house warming at Narrabundah one night around then, and I saw how he had displayed the Remington portable which his father a Federal MP had used.

I thought, “That’s what I have to do”. Then, coming up to celebrating 40 years in journalism, I set out to find examples of the first two typewriters I ever used. One was a Underwood Universal the Jack Kerouac typewriter. My father brought one of these home from his business and gave it to me to use when I was nine, in I started by copying text from books, and soon got the cadence of typing. The feel, the sound, the ribbon ink, they all got into my blood. I was hypnotised by typewriters, under their spell.

I’ve been using typewriters on a daily basis ever since.

The Story Of The Underwood Typewriter Company

Wow, I didn’t realize there were so many subspecies. I don’t think I’ve run across any Underwood with no automatic ribbon reverse, no backspacer, no bicolor ribbon, or no paper guide; i. My guess is that the El Cheapo model didn’t sell very well. It’s significant to remember looking at these variants that they’re chronological; this isn’t a price and option snapshot, it’s a spread of the various features as they appeared.

I love typewriters — an enthusiasm that dates back to my first encounter with an old Underwood owned by my grandfather. and jokes that he stumbled into the job because his best friend was dating the boss’s daughter.

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