RCMP employee allegedly leaked secrets during period of ‘significant’ security-clearance backlogs

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Canada has arrested one of its top intelligence officers and charged him with attempting to sell national secrets. The other involves a Canadian icon, the BlackBerry smartphone, and its upgrading by a shadowy company in Vancouver in order to provide unhackable encrypted communications for drug cartel bosses in Mexico, the United States, and Australia. This was allegedly done without the knowledge of BlackBerry.

But until the Canadian authorities give a clearer picture of their allegations against Ortis both are highly speculative. We assure you that mitigation strategies are being put in place as required.

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The audit report stressed the importance of regularly reviewing the security status of RCMP employees to guard against the threat of an insider betraying the national police force by sharing sensitive information with the wrong people. The little-noticed Audit of Personnel Security, completed in and quietly made public in edited form last year, takes on new relevance following the arrest this month of RCMP intelligence official Cameron Jay Ortis.

Ortis, 47, is accused of violating three sections of the Security of Information Act as well as two Criminal Code provisions, including breach of trust, for allegedly trying to disclose classified information to an unspecified foreign entity or terrorist group. RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki has said the allegations against Ortis, if proven true, are extremely unsettling, given that he had access to intelligence from domestic and international allies.

The charge sheet lists seven counts against Ortis under the various provisions, dating from as early as Jan. One of the many questions raised by the Ortis case is what internal security measures failed or might have failed.

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This article contains content that was recently expanded and has not yet been reviewed by site staff. It may contain some errors and may not yet conform with the wiki’s quality standards. Emma Carstairs is a Shadowhunter that has lived most of her life in the Los Angeles with the Blackthorn family. Emma was born in to Cordelia and John Carstairs. Living in Los Angeles , the Carstairs family maintained good relations with the Blackthorns. Not only did she spend most of her time at the local Institute to train, but Emma also became good friends with the children residing in the Institute—the children of the head, Andrew Blackthorn.

As a child, her father taught her how to recognize different instruments by sound. He had been a violinist, and Emma tried to learn to play at one point or another but was quickly discouraged by the sounds she made and gave up early. Emma became particularly close with Julian Blackthorn , whom she grew up with.

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Good friends and now both orphans, Emma and Jules mourned and helped each other through the ordeal. During the investigation afterwards, Emma and the others were all brought in front of the Clave , all of them questioned with the Mortal Sword , inciting her fury.

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