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When comparing dates in Excel, you may need to match the dates by month and year only without considering day. How to achieve it? The following methods will help you. Match dates by month and year only with formula Match dates by month and year only with Conditional Formatting. As below screenshot shown, supposing you need to compare two date lists and match the dates by month and year only, you can apply the below formula to achieve it. See screenshot:. Keep selecting the result cell, drag the Fill Handle down to compare other dates. If you want to compare a range of dates by month and year based on a given date, and highlight all matched cells as below screenshot shown, you can try the following Conditional Formatting methods.

Birthday problem

In this article, we will compare dates using the IF function in Excel IF function works on the logic test and returns the output on the basis of the test. IF function tests the condition and returns value either it’s True or False. Here is an example to show how to compare dates in excel. We have two lists named Date Column 1 and Date Column 2.

Should your business choose Microsoft Office as its productivity suite? you need to know the exchange rate for the date of every expense. If you want to look at multiple columns for the matching value, join them using.

The guides area is designed to help developers learn to better interact with the date and time problem domain, and the Moment. We address our most frequently seen support requests here, so it is a great place to check for solutions to any issues you may have. The guides section is new and still under construction. If you have a request for a guide that you would like to see here, or would like to add a guide please create an issue or make a pull request in the momentjs.

Check out this scrimba moment guide if you’re just starting. The moment object in Moment. This means that operations like add, subtract, or set change the original moment object.

Office 365: Using the Birthday Calendar in Outlook

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Table shows the available functions for date/time value processing, with details appearing in the following subsections. Table The day of the year (​1 – /) This matches the ISO day of the week numbering. isoyear.

Among other things, it can look up two or more criteria in columns and rows. This tutorial explains the syntax and inner mechanics in full detail so that you can easily adjust the formula for your particular needs. To make the examples easier to follow, you are welcome to download our sample workbook. When working with large databases, you may sometimes find yourself in a situation when you need to find something but don’t have a unique identifier for the search.

In this case, lookup with several conditions is the only solution. To evaluate multiple criteria, we use the multiplication operation that works as the AND operator in array formulas. Below, you will find a real-life example and the detailed explanation of the logic. For this example, we will be using a table in the so-called “flat-file” format with each separate criteria combination region-month-item in our case on its own row.

Our goal is to retrieve the sales figure for a certain item in a specific region and month.


The Dates module provides two types for working with dates: Date and DateTime , representing day and millisecond precision, respectively; both are subtypes of the abstract TimeType. The motivation for distinct types is simple: some operations are much simpler, both in terms of code and mental reasoning, when the complexities of greater precision don’t have to be dealt with. For example, since the Date type only resolves to the precision of a single date i.

Both Date and DateTime are basically immutable Int64 wrappers.

Extracting records from a data set that matches defined criteria is a skill most users With the introduction of Dynamic Array Functions in Excel , we can solve both To generate the list of unique dates, we will use the UNIQUE function.

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Excel INDEX MATCH with multiple criteria – formula examples

If you’re working on your accounts and you need to convert all your overseas expenses into the currency you file your tax returns in, you need to know the exchange rate for the date of every expense. You don’t have to fill that in by hand: you can get a list with the daily exchange rates and get Excel to look up the right conversion for every expense. You can also use VLOOKUP when you need to find a part by the part number, an employee by their employee number, the international dialling code for a country, or anything else that you look up by a key from a master record that doesn’t make sense to copy into your current spreadsheet.

By default it finds approximate matches, although that’s hardly ever what you want, so you need to remember to set FALSE in the function.

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This view, called Tracking Gantt , is a type of Gantt Chart , that is designed to compare baseline dates and allows you visually see these differences. By using the Tracking Gantt , you can compare progress by comparing baseline and scheduled. In the left side, change the table which is currently applied. From the Project menu, click on Table , then select the Variance table. The Variance table shows start and finish dates for both scheduled information and baseline information, making it possible to evaluate your prediction of how the project would progress baseline by comparing that prediction with how the project is in fact progressing actual.

You may need to resize some columns to reveal more content of them. You see displayed NA , meaning Not Applicable. To set a baseline in your schedule, head to the Project menu and simply press on Set Baseline option, or alternatively press on the arrow below the Set Baseline option and then choose Set Baseline from the drop-down list. Click on Table option under Project menu, then select More Tables.

From the opened dialog select Baseline. Insert in this left table the Duration column by right-clicking on Baseline Start column and choosing Insert Column from the contextual menu. In the Column Definition dialog choose the Duration field.

How to use the new Excel Lookup function

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Using If Function to Compare Dates of Two Cells

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