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Delegates at scientific meetings can come from diverse backgrounds and use very different methods in their research. Here we describe our approach and its algorithmic implementation. Scientists have been going to conferences for more than years, but the basic format of talks followed by questions—with regular breaks for informal interactions over a drink or a meal—has remained largely the same. It is possible to foresee many ways in which conferences may evolve in the years ahead, but the main attraction is likely to remain the opportunity for scientists to meet and network, to develop ideas and collaborations, and to drink large amounts of tea, coffee and alcohol. Compared to their 16th century ancestors, modern conferences are more inclusive than they have ever been, with diverse selections of delegates and speakers from around the world. Although coffee breaks—the most productive part of scientific conferences Obris, ; Stobbe et al. There is a third problem at interdisciplinary conferences due to a lack of natural topics of conversation between people working in very different areas of research, so like tends to stick with like. Over the years conference organisers have tried many approaches to improve this state of affairs. There have been attempts at using web-based technologies to improve the interaction between the audience and the speakers, and to make social mixing easier and less intimidating.

Perceived Nervous Reactions during Initial Attraction and Their Potential Adaptive Value

Scientific Research An Academic Publisher. Maguire, J. Crop Science, 2, ABSTRACT: Bio-activators such as thiamethoxam have been used to increase the productive potential of plants, by means of metabolic and plant morphology modifications. Nevertheless, very little is known regarding the effectiveness of this insecticide when incorporated into lower quality level soybean seeds, particularly during storage.

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Under normal conditions, load, and operation, fuel consumption for the Z ZTrak Mowers is 1. They deliver a high quality cut in diverse conditions. Key features of the 7-Iron PRO mower deck:. With the ability to switch between side discharge and mulching operation with the flip of a lever as the operator mows, keeping most clippings out of landscaping features and where they are wanted is extremely easy. To start the machine, the parking brake must be engaged.

It does not matter whether the power take-off PTO switch is on or off, nor does it matter if the control levers are pulled in or in the out position.

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The first Young Delft event of this Academic Year is coming up! We have nothing less for you in store than the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to Speed-date the CvB Executive Board , Deans and Directors! So what will happen at the speed-dating event?

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W ith Silicon Valley at the center of tech culture — and much of pop culture these days — you might be tempted to get in on the startup action. Which is what we have come to expect from Calacanis, the Brooklyn-bred journalist turned entrepreneur turned podcast impresario—and one of the top five angel investors in the world. Photo by JD Lasica. But we did know that the current way of connecting promising startups with angel investors is pretty lame.

I trust my neighbors. I wrote about it over at Socialmedia. And above is a gallery of some of my favorite shots. Here are some of the photos I shot this week at Startup Grind , the startup conference that drew 1, attendees and speakers — including tech investor MC Hammer, above — to the Computer History Museum in Silicon Valley. For a complete look, see my Flickr set. This was my first trip to Poland, so naturally I did some sightseeing in Krakow.

And I spent a day traveling in the Polish countryside to Spie, where my grandfather came from.

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Greene, J.D., Huang, K., & Bazerman, M. Redirecting Rawlsian reasoning toward the Harvard Business School Teaching Note , October that we applied to our speed-dating data (and can be applied to any.

Goldsleger was interested, and a seed was planted. One of the responsibilities of the Morris Eminent Scholar is to bring individuals from outside the campus community onto campus to give lectures. There was only one problem. Goldsleger was new to campus and had no idea what the theme should be or which faculty members should be included in a panel discussion. She turned to Scott Thorp, chair of the Department of Art , for assistance.

They met with Dr. Gretchen Caughman, executive vice president for academic affairs and provost, and Dr. Michael Diamond, senior vice president for research.

Public Interest Speed Dating for Students of Color

From a theoretical standpoint, we cogitate on the possible adaptive nature of these reactions that appear seemingly counterproductive for future mating success. We also asked participants to rate the reactions of others that they used to determine if another person was attracted to them. Both sexes reported speaking faster and being less able to express themselves clearly, and women reported using a higher pitch and having a more unsteady tone of voice during an initial encounter of attraction.

Further, participants reported observing similar nervous reactions by others whom they perceived were attracted to them. These findings were examined while considering individual differences in sociosexual orientation i.

Sprecher, S., treger, S., & Wondra, J. D. (a). effects of self-disclosure role attraction in a live romantic context: evidence from the speed-dating paradigm.

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A network approach to mixing delegates at meetings

Comprehensive listings and ticket links for every upcoming concert, festival, gig, and live music event taking place in Greenville, SC. More than 45, people attend this event annually. The event serves as the single largest fundraiser for the Metropolitan Arts Council.

Day 1 | June 11th, – am. Welcome Ice Breaker: Reach Across the Nation (RANC) Speed Dating Courtney Lang, JD, Langco Partners.

Thank you for visiting nature. You are using a browser version with limited support for CSS. To obtain the best experience, we recommend you use a more up to date browser or turn off compatibility mode in Internet Explorer. In the meantime, to ensure continued support, we are displaying the site without styles and JavaScript. The coloration of stick insects such as this Timema bartmani help it to hide, but might also affect the local ecology. Credit: Moritz Muschick. It took Timothy Farkas less than a week to catch and relocate 1, stick insects in the Santa Ynez mountains in southern California.

His main tool was an actual stick. On this hillside outside Santa Barbara, there are two kinds of bush that the stick insect Timema cristinae inhabits. The creature comes in two corresponding colorations: green and striped. Farkas and his fellow ecologists knew that the stick insects had evolved to blend in with their surroundings. Suddenly maladapted, these insects became targets for hungry birds, and that caused a domino effect 1.

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By Joseph Wolkin — LandonCassill , a former Hendrick Motorsports developmental driver, has seen his career divert from its original path while driving for underfunded teams. But the Iowa native was released from both organizations and left with the all too familiar sight of searching for a ride — even if it was not in the best of equipment. However, there are some bright sides for this little team, as they have run no worse than 12 th at the restrictor plate races this year along with four finishes of 25 th and 26 th.

GRAND ROUNDS DEPARTMENT OF DATE. SPEAKER. TOPIC. December 18, Speed Dating– Allison Hill, JD, PhD.

Target ALS funded collaborations have been published in over leading international journals; many of which are featured below. Skip to main content. Share Twitter LinkedIn Social. A Snapshot of Published Collaborative Research Target ALS funded collaborations have been published in over leading international journals; many of which are featured below.

Multicolor multiscale brain imaging with chromatic multiphoton serial microscopy. Accelerated high-yield generation of limb-innervating motor neurons from human stem cells. Acta Neuropathol. Artificial intelligence in neurodegenerative disease research: use of IBM Watson to identify additional RNA-binding proteins altered in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Acta Neuropathologica. Cell , Therapeutic reduction of ataxin-2 extends lifespan and reduces pathology in TDP mice.

Validation of serum neurofilaments as prognostic and potential pharmacodynamic biomarkers for ALS.

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